Mandarin Montessori Academy


Mandarin Montessori Academy


“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” 

  ~Maria Montessori 

Mandarin Montessori Academy in the East Valley with early language learning.

About Us


Mandarin Chinese Immersion

Mandarin Montessori Academy started from a desire for a dual language (Chinese English) Montessori School experience for children. We understood that learning Chinese  was an important language because of cognitive benefits and global importance.  Mandarin Chinese language immersion  emphasizes on listening, speaking, writing & reading with various hands-on classroom activities.

The Dual-Language  ( Chinese & English ) environment and individual customized Montessori curriculum that fosters each child’s development needs. 


Montessori Curriculum

  • Practical Life Exercises 日常生活
  • Sensorial 感官学习
  • Mathematics 数学
  • Language 语言学习
  • Science and Culture 科学和文化


Extra-Curricular - Suzuki Violin

 Our focus at Mandarin Montessori Academy is on academic excellence and is enhanced by a range of enrichment activities that provide students with opportunities to develop their skills and talents in physical movement, artistic expression, language acquisition, and cultural pursuits. 

Come schedule a tour and see why parents love our Chinese and English immersion Montessori program and environment. 

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We are located on the North side of the Desert Palms United Church of Christ.

Mandarin Montessori Academy

Address: 1230 East Guadalupe Road, Tempe, Arizona 85283, United States

Phone: (602)-320-1178


Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed