Mandarin Montessori Academy


Maria Montessori

 Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was the first woman in Italy to receive a medical degree and she discovered the distinct developmental psychology of children. Through Dr. Montessori’s scientific observation, she found that young children learn best and built up a deep concentration by manipulating hands-on materials. 

Prepared Environment

  •  Scientifically designed Montessori materials
  • Child-sized furniture, utensils, and the Montessori materials
  • Neat, sequence, order, and increased challenge classroom setting
  • Montessori trained guides connect the child and the materials
  • Learning independence, self-control and initiative

Mixed -Aged Classroom

 Based on Dr.Montessori's research on distinct periods of cognitive development children are grouped by age. Casa de Bambini is the 3-6 age group. In this age group theory, the younger children in the development process learn not only from the teachers but from the older students as well. Through their growth they experience being a learner, observer, and mentor. This mimics the family and future workplace environments where different ages, skill sets, and needs are present and interacting while helping each other.

Chinese Language Learning

 The young children begin to develop a sense of language through specially prepared environment such as a montessori preschool . Children learn rhymes, songs, and philosophical stories with Mandarin speaking teachers with specifically designed Montessori materials to each child. Character recognition, stroke order, character formation and radicals learning are followed by the oral learning.

After the age of 6, the child is able to comprehend the majority of what the Mandarin teacher says, and grasped a vast descriptive vocabulary.